Roy Whelden & Rudy Rucker
Like A Passing River

Music by Roy Whelden and Carl Friedrich Abel; spoken word written and read by novelist Rudy Rucker, with the poem Like a Passing River (Han-Shan, 8th Century), translated by Gary Snyder. Sung by Karen Clark, alto, with American Baroque

I have lived at Cold Mountain these 30 long years. Yesterday I called on family and friends: More than half had gone to the Yellow Springs. Slowly consumed, like fire down a candle; forever flowing, like a passing river. Now, morning, I face my lone shadow; suddenly my eyes are bleared with tears.

--Han-Shan, 8th century;
translation, Gary Snyder

This album is a continuous thread of mutually supporting music and text. The music was created to accompany selections from Rudy Rucker's novel, "All the Visions" (Ocean View Books, 1991).

All the musical numbers, except "Adagio" by Carl Friedrich Abel (1723-1787), are written by Roy Whelden and performed by American Baroque (Stephen Schultz, Baroque flute and director; Elizabeth Blumenstock, Baroque violin; Whelden, viola da gamba; Sarah Freiberg, Baroque cello; Cheryl Ann Fulton, triple harp; with Karen Clark, alto.) All spoken items are written and read by Rudy Rucker. The words to "Like A Passing River" are a translation by Gary Snyder of a poem by Han-Shan, a Chinese mystic and poet of the Eighth Century A.D. The words to the "Rucker Songs" are adapted from "All the Visions."



Track List

1. I was sixteen 0:05
2. Fugue-state #1 6:19
3. I was at a New Year's Eve dance 1:32
4. Like a Passing River 4:04
5. The graffiti on the subway cars 0:36

White Light Cantata: New York City, 1980
6. Sinfonia 2:04
7. Right on 42nd Street 5:39
8. A sudden pang seizes my heart 1:09
9. On the street it's still light 2:58

10. We're out in the boat 2:54
11. Fugue-state #2 4:23
12. Don Juan, Carlos Castaneda's man 0:30
13. Rucker Songs 7:44
14. So what's the point? 2:23
15. Adagio (Knape 209) (Carl Friedrich Abel) 2:53
16. What's the point? 2:08
17. Into the Light 1:18

Total: 48:41


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