Fantasy and Metaphor
by Leo Ornstein

With Sarah Cahill, piano
Thirty year retrospective of the deeply enigmatic American composer


Release: June 2008



Kyle Gann
Private Dances

With Sarah Cahill, piano; Da Capo Chamber Players; Bernard Gann
Chamber works by the infamous composer, essayist, critic, author, and professor


Release: January 2008



Slow Six

A genre splitting performance group that is simultaneously modern classical, new music, alternative rock and post modern with work that is always interesting and revealing new facets.

"…flecked with white heat urgency"—NY Times

Release: June 2007



Roberto Sierra

An in depth collection of works by Roberto Sierra performed by the New York based Continuum—hot, colorful, complex.

Release: June 2007



Ge Gan-ru
Lost Style

Three works that range from a heartfelt abstract homage to Peking Opera by the Shanghai Quartet with Kathryn Woodard, piano; to the vocal tour de force of Margaret Leng Tan, self accompanied by toy orchestra; to the still thrilling avantgarde epic for detuned and extended solo cello from the early 80s.

"One of the most talented of the Chinese composers who had to endure the turmoil of the cultural revolution is Ge Gan-ru."—The Times London

Release: June 2007



jeffrey roden
seeds of happiness

A cycle of miniature, minimal gestures for solo electric bass that flower in a garden of the med/mex light of the SoCal mind.

Release: January 2007



Stephen Scott
The Deep Spaces

Settings of writings in celebration of Lake Como, Italy, from Pliny to the present, for soprano and bowed piano ensemble.

Release: January 2007



Erdem Helvacioglu
Altered Realities

A cycle of related work for acoustic guitar with live electronics from Istanbul that invokes the map of composition with the realities of live processing to create a moment that is always finding itself through the act of collapsing and reassembling into a lyrical and neo-impressionist sound canvas of melody and colour.

Release: July 2006




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