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As a composer-performer, my desire is to create music which resonates with the space and energy of the Australian landscape as well as the inner landscape of the human psyche. I want my music to move and inspire people and reconnect them with the heart of Life.

Sarah Hopkins is undoubtedly one of Australia's most unique composers, highly acclaimed for her visionary "music which sounds like the very essence of the universe." (Phil Brown, Oz Arts magazine)

Sarah composes solo, ensemble and choral music of a holistic nature which draws upon the natural beauty of the cello, voice and whirly instruments (plastic tubes which play harmonics when spiralled overhead).

Her unique style of cello playing embraces many new and ancient sounds including musical bird calls, deep earthy drones, didjeridu bowing and bowed harmonics. Vocally she specialises in harmonic overtone singing which she often uses in combination with her cello.

Currently living in Brisbane, Sarah tours both nationally and internationally, performing her own original music, running workshops in Harmonic Singing & Holistic Music and working as an artist-in-residence. Over the last twelve years she has represented Australia at many prestigious international events.

Recent highlights include several international cultural relations performance tours to the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea and Germany; performing for the opening ceremony of the 4th World Athletics Championships in Stuttgart to an audience of over 50,000 people; having her highly acclaimed choral work "Past Life Melodies" performed in the Sydney Opera House by a choir of 800 voices; plus having her "Sky Song" music, co-composed with Alan Lamb, featured on Australia's Olympic 2000 bid CD.

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